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Company NameAccessory Marutaka Co.,Ltd.
Company NameDesign and manufacturing of accessories, costume jewelry
Design and manufacturing of general merchandise and promotion products
Design and manufacturing of mobile phone charms, smart phone accessories
CEOKazutaka Naoi
FoundedJanuary, 1925
IncorporatedFebruary, 1990
Capital11,000,000 yen
Sales volume2.060 billion yen (2023)
2.240 billion yen (consolidated sales, 2023)
number of Employees53
Corporate Address1-8-10 Honjo, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
Tel: +81-3-3625-1587 (Japan)
FAX: +81-3-3623-7876 (Japan)
MembershipsTokyo Doyukai, Zenkokuhoujinkaisourengou (National Federation of Corporate Taxpayers Associations)
Hours of Operation9:30 am – 6:30pm Monday to Friday
Closed on weekends and holidays
Group CompaniesQingdao Marutaka Jewelry Co.,Ltd
(Qingdao, Shandong province, China)
LTDS Japon Co.,Ltd
Total number of employees in group companies:102

Company History

January, 1925 T. Naoi, who became the first president, founded Naoi Accessories in Honjo-district (Sumida-district), as a professional specializing in hairpins, ornaments, and ribbon fasteners.
October, 1964 K. Naoi (second president, now the chairman), personally opened Marutaka Accessories in Honjo, Sumida-ku.
August, 1976Newly established the headquarters and sales office in Honjo, Sumida-ku.
March, 1990Changed the company name to Accessory Marutaka Co.,Ltd.
July, 1991 New, 6-story corporate building is built at 1-8 Honjo, Sumida-ku.
January, 1998The company enters the mobile phone accessory market.
October, 2004K. Naoi becomes the third president of the company.
March, 2011Established a China office (QINGDAO MARUTAKA CO.,LTD) in Qingdao, Shandong Proviince, China
September, 2012The factory in China was renamed (Qingdao Marutaka Jewelry Co.,Ltd.).
2015 Starts business with Hong Kong Disneyland. Surpasses annual turnover of 1.2 billion yen.
2021 Achieves annual turnover of 2.2 billion yen.
As a group, our companies surpass annual turnover of 2.4 billion yen.
January, 2025100th Anniversary

Our message

Image of President of Accessories MARUTAKA, Ltd.

Business Philosophy

To improve self human nature through our business, and to create a “better company” with every employee, and become happy with everyone involved

People work to feel fulfilled. Nobody can live alone. We all feel the sense of fulfillment and grow by being appreciated, knowing we did something for someone else.
When people grow, they are able to look around and become grateful to others.
And by appreciating each other, we nurture relationships, and our organization becomes a great company, enriching people’s lives.
To become happy, it’s not about becoming wealthy or become famous, but it is about working hard for the people around us, feel appreciated, and appreciate people’s happiness.
Profit will follow if we’re happy.

Corporate Vision

To become the company that brings smiles to our customers, is appreciated and trusted by our customers and business partners the most in Japan.

Accessory Marutaka Co.,Ltd.
Kazutaka Naoi (CEO)

History of Our Philanthropy

◆We partnered with Felissimo to develop fair trade products to support children in Vietnam.

◆We have been supporting Asia Child Support for more than 10 years.

◆After the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, our employees worked with the company to donate clothing and food to the victims.

◆After the Great East Japan Earthquake, our employees and our company provided clothing and food support.

◆After a cyclone hit Myanmar, we sent our aid through Asia Child Support.

◆We actively provided support to victims of Great Nepal Earthquake.

◆We proactively provide assistance and aid to the people and the region affected by natural disasters throughout」apan, including Kumamoto and western Japan.

◆Our employees cooperated with our company to provide aid to Ukraine.
2 million yen donation to ADRA JAPAN
1 million yen donation to Doctors Without Borders

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