Order Process

From sample production to release, we can respond to a wide range of needs with our extensive experience and track records
We can handle small lots to mass production. We handle everything from planning, manufacturing, packaging, to shipping.

01 Contact us first

Please provide us information by sending us an email. Please provide us with as much information as possible.
Information such as your expected product image, your budget, the estimated production, and your desired time frame for delivery, is extremely helpful to us in planning.

Please consult us with your budget and your schedule and we’ll do our best to match your needs.
“I don’t now how to request such a project,” “We only have a vague idea of how our final product should be,” and “We just want to have a forum to brainstorm,” are all valid questions we would be honored to consider.
We would be happy to provide you with information on product development, proposing materials and designs — all based on our vast experience and knowledge.
We also have past products and other samples you will be able to reference in your planning.

02 Design / Sample Creation

We actively incorporate the latest information and respond to diverse requests using our strength of a wide range of information-gathering capabilities.
Once the production direction is finalized, we proceed to graphic design or sample creation. We match our customer’s preferences by actively making adjustments and fixes.

Headquarthers meeting room
Our own factory in China

03 Production

We guarantee a high quality production, utilizing technologies and knowledge gained over the years.

With the specifications solidified, we move onto production. Please send us proper documents such as an order form.

04 Inspection

We have our own dedicated quality assurance team, who is responsible for making sure every product passes stringent quality requirements. Our QA process involves not only visual confirmation but we also make sure the quality passes the high bar we have professionally set.
If you have specific requests for QA, please let us know ahead of time.

For details on QA and inspection, please see “About QA inspection”.

Headquarters product management division

05 Packaging

We adapt to distribution systems.
We are able to handle various handling and packaging, including additional packaging materials often specifically requested for accessories.
We can also accommodate procuring and developing packaging materials and packaging, so please feel free to check with us.

06 Delivery

We promise to deliver the promised products to the promised destination using the promised delivery methods.

Please contact us at pedro@ac-marutaka.co.jp for consulation, estimates, sample production, or if you have any other questions.

Contact us

Please contact us at pedro@ac-marutaka.co.jp